FAQ & Help

Q. What is TWIP:

TWIP is an online membership-based social marketplace, that connects people to experiences, travelers and activity companions based on your travel personality, or as we say, "Travanality." Think LinkedIn and Netflix for travelers. TWIP is an opportunity for people to find like-minded travel companions (using our Travanality guidelines) while also discovering life-changing shared experiences!

Q. What is Travanality:

Travanality is why you travel, when you take away time, destination and price. Your Travanality is derived from 10 unique travel traits and is defined as a set of values, attitude, behavior and communication skills that you have while traveling. Travanality is kind of like a horoscope, but instead of studying your birthdate to discover who you are, we study what type of traveler you are. Your Travanality is as unique to you, as your thumbprint. TWIP believes there are ten Travanalities: Altruist, Culturist, Epicurean, Imaginavo, Maverick, Purist, Soulager, Urbanite, Victor and Wayfarer. Please take our assessment to discover your unique makeup and which traveler lives inside you.

Q. I don't foresee myself traveling anytime soon. Why should I purchase a membership?

First off, taking our assessment and seeing the world via your Travanality will change how you travel forever! Also, there are so many travelers you can connect with in our ecosystem. You never know who may inspire you to travel. You could simply find a companion for a future experience, or connect with someone who can share their travel expertise with you. Finally, you get notified of travel deals and discounts, so you may miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just because you didn't sign up! What are you waiting for?

Q. What does my membership get me?

As a TWIP member, you will get access to: our complete proprietary behavior assessment, exclusive experiences at discounted prices, a vetted community and thousands of like-minded members and travel experts. After completing your travel profile, you’ll be able to peruse other profiles for the perfect travel comrade and join once-in-a-lifetime shared experiences. Or, you can let us do the work for you! Our system can connect you with users who possess similar travel desires and experiences. Think Joey and Chandler, not Ross and Rachel.

Q. When can I purchase a trip and when do they deploy?

Don't worry, when we go live, there will be a lot of experiences for you to choose from! We are busy creating them even right now!

Q. When does my membership actually begin?

Your membership is valid for one year and commences when TWIP officially launches. Yes, you will receive a notice from us when the launch date is solidified, which will be in 2017.

Q. I have a question about payment:

For billing and payment questions, please email us in support and we will help you out right away. billing@twip.co

Q. When will I be charged?

For pre-sale items, you will be charged for the entire amount of the membership at the time of purchase.

Q. Where can I get a coupon code?

Certain TWIP Ambassadors may offer special discounts. You may contact them for details.

Q. Who can sign up for TWIP?

Anyone that is a legal resident of the United States.

Q. Will you be expanding to be available in other countries?

Eventually, yes, but our focus is in the USA for now.

Q. Are there any restrictions for purchases?

All purchases on www.twip.co are subject to the subjects ability to pass a criminal background check in the United States. Any person unable to do so will be refunded half of their membership fee depending on their state of residence. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Q. I see that you offer experiences. Can non-members partake?

Unfortunately, no. Everyone that goes on an experience or trip must be a TWIP member. Therefore, invite your friends!